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Holiday Party Menu

Appetizers                                                                                   Dinner     
*Shrimp Cocktail.. 32/25 shrimp                                           *Prime Rib.. M.P.  
*Clams Casino.. 18/doz.                                                          *Stuffed Shrimp.. 46/doz.      
*Buffalo Chicken Fingers..                                                      *Stuffed Clams.. 16/doz.
        sml.. 43  med.. 90  lrg.. 130                                              *Stuffed Filet of Fish..  40/doz.
*Fried Calamari..                                                                        *Meatball Lasagna..
      Half tray (2.5 lb)…44  Full Tray (5 lb).. 88                                 Half Tray.. 50    Full Tray.. 125
*N.Y. Style Calamari..
        Half Tray (2.5 lb).. 50   Full Tray (5 lb)..100

Fried Seafood Platter

Featuring the Original Cap’N Nicks Fried Seafood

*Half Tray (2.5 lb. seafood).. 65                *Full Tray (5 lb. seafood).. 130

Comes with Clam Strips, Calamari, Fresh Dry Sea Scallops, Fresh Fish, & Shrimp.  
Served with Lemon, Cocktail & Tartar Sauce.
* Add Whole Belly Clams.. M.P.
    * Extra Cocktail & Tartar Sauce Available at 5/container

Fried Fish by the Pound

*Shrimp.. 30        *Clam Strips.. 22       *Fresh Dry Sea Scallops.. 47
        *Fresh Fish.. 24             *Calamari.. 22        *Whole Belly Clams.. M.P.
Fried Fresh per Order!

Open Christmas Eve until 3:30pm.
Time slots going fast!  
Call to place your order and reserve your time.
Deli.. 203/208-1038          Piper..203/671-0557